Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sistem Usahatani Terpadu Jagung dan Ternak Kambing dalam Areal Perkebunan Kelapa

Z. Mantau1, D. Polakitan1, dan A. Turang

Abstract: The main problem which faced by farmers in North Sulawesi was
unoptimal farming system effort. It caused of unintegrated farming system
approach. North Sulawesi has a coconut plantation area 301.120 ha. Major in
monoculture plantation system and getting old. To solve this problem is improve
the farming system with apply the integrated farming system maize, goat and
coconut. It can diversify the commodity. The objective of this assessment is to
introduce the land use pattern among the coconut plantation through integrated
farming system with maize and goat. The assessment conducted in Pandu
Station Research. The result can be reported that 1 ha coconut plantation area
which hedged by gamal (Glyricidia) can result 843.2 kg forages /90 days, 0.2
ha which planted by King Grass can result 9150 kg forages /45 days, 0.6 ha
maize area can harvested 2829.6 kg grain corn and 8787 kg straws. The
compilation of capability of the three forages source can fulfill the 90 goats
forage needs. The income increase from Rp. 634 650/year/ha to Rp. 14. 262
070/year/ha. This integrated farming system can optimalize the land
productivity in coconut plantation area.
Keywords : Integrated farming system maize, goat and coconut

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